Top 5 Questions to Ask a DUI Lawyer

By Daniel Taylor, Esq.

Following a drunken or drugged driving arrest, working with a DUI attorney can be the best way to potentially avoid criminal penalties as well as negative impacts on your driving privileges.

When hiring a DUI lawyer, you’ll want to ask some basic questions — for example, whether the attorney has experience with DUI cases. But aside from the basics, there are many other questions you may also want answered.

What should you ask? Here are five important questions for your DUI lawyer:

  1. What should I do about my driver’s license? In addition to potential criminal penalties, a DUI arrest can affect your driving privileges, even prior to being convicted. Typically, preventing your driver’s license from being suspended, or restoring driving privileges which have been revoked, requires administrative action. For example, in California, drivers cited for DUI must request a hearing from the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles within 10 days of receipt of a suspension or revocation order.
  2. What factors might make my case worse? Criminal …read moreSource:: Law Blog