Violent, Property Crime on the Decline: FBI Report

By Brett Snider, Esq.

Society may not be on the brink of destruction after all. At least not according to a recent crime report by the FBI, which shows that property crime and violent crime are generally on the decline.

According to an FBI press release, violent crimes in the United States decreased 4.4 percent between 2012 and 2013 (the most recent year for which statistics are available), while property crimes decreased 4.1 percent. Also uplifting news: Property crimes have been steadily on the decline for the last 11 years.

What was the good (and possibly bad) news delivered by this new FBI data?

Top 4 Violent Crimes in America

In 2013, the FBI collected data on an estimated 1.16 million violent crimes that occurred nationwide. And of that seemingly large sum, these crimes made up the largest percentages:

  1. Aggravated Assault (62.3 percent),
  2. Robbery (29.7 percent),
  3. Rape (6.9 percent), and
  4. Murder (1.2 percent).

Some may think that the rape figure seems low — especially given reports at many colleges — and the FBI has an answer. Prior to 2013, the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program only …read more

Source:: Law Blog