What to Do When a Loved One Goes Missing?

By Daniel Taylor, Esq.

Even in the age of constant communication and GPS, tens of thousands of people go missing in the United States every year.

According to FBI statistics, in 2013 there were more than 627,000 missing persons reports entered into the National Crime Information Center’s Missing Person File. This database contains records for those who are missing under circumstances indicating they may be in danger, are under the age of 21, have a missing disability, or fall under other criteria which may place them at risk. Of these, more than 84,000 remained active at the end of 2013, with juveniles accounting for more than 40% of those still missing.

What should you do in the unfortunate event that one of your family members goes missing?

  • Report the missing person to police. Although police may encourage you to wait before filing a missing persons report, there is no waiting period required in order to do so. As soon as your loved one goes missing, file a report.
  • Search places they have been seen or would logically go. Once …read moreSource:: Law Blog