Facebook Pic of Toddler Hanging on Planter Hook Gets Mom Arrested

By Daniel Taylor, Esq.

A Virginia mom who took a photo of her 1-year-old son hanging by the shirt from a planter hook was arrested after the photo was posted to Facebook.

The photo shows a 14-month-old boy crying while suspended in mid-air with his shirt bunched around his neck. The boy’s mother, 18-year-old Alexis Breeden was arrested and charged with felony child abuse after authorities were alerted to the photo’s presence on the social network, reports WTVR-TV.

How did the photo end up online, and what kind of criminal sentence is Breeden potentially facing from this unfortunate photo op?

Police Alerted by Concerned Citizens

Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office investigators said they received reports from numerous citizens who saw the picture of the visibly uncomfortable child online. Several people even posted the photo to the Sheriff’s Office’s own Facebook page.

An investigation revealed that the photo, originally taken in early September, was posted to Facebook by the child’s father in retaliation for an argument he had recently gotten into with Breeden. Although the investigation also revealed that the child in the picture was not harmed, …read more

Source:: Law Blog