5 Things to Know About Loretta Lynch, Obama’s Atty. Gen. Nominee

By Daniel Taylor, Esq.

United States Attorney General Eric Holder recently announced that he was stepping down as soon as a successor could be found.

That successor has now apparently been found: It was announced over the weekend that U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch would be President Barack Obama’s nominee for attorney general. If confirmed, Lynch would be the second African American to hold the post of attorney general, following Holder, who was the first.

What else should you know about Loretta Lynch? Here are five things:

  1. Lynch would be the first black woman to serve as attorney general. Beyond being just the second African American to serve in the position, Lynch would also be the first female African American attorney general. Lynch would also be just the second female attorney general following Janet Reno, who served from 1993 until 2001.
  2. Lynch went to Harvard — twice. Lynch attended Harvard for both her undergraduate degree and her law degree, graduating from law school in 1984.
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